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Junior Karate (Ages 8-14)

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One of the most rewarding activities that your child can be involved in is the Martial Arts! UMAC’s junior karate program will greatly enhance your child’s self-confidence and concentration for a better head start in life. This not only helps them to improve their grades in school, but also prepares them to excel in all of life’s challenges. Our children students also develop a more positive attitude that helps them to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure.

This educational program is taught through enjoyable activities and challenging exercises. It is an excellent counter-part to formal education. The skills taught in our classroom are invaluable in helping young people achieve their future goals. Best of all, they will have great FUN doing it!

Children develop into responsible, respectful and successful individuals through the constant nurturing and reinforcement of developing positive character traits. They learn the value of goal setting and the reward of committing themselves to their goals. They learn to respect and be respected as this leads to a great deal of self-esteem. Concentration and focus evolve as the child begins to progress. This will be evident in his or her karate, but just as important, in their academic studies.

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