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Since 2009, John and Mary Ellen Ingallina have been huge endorsers and proponents of AdvoCare nutritional products. AdvoCare's philosophy is: eat the right foods, get the right amount of activity and supplement properly to fill in the gaps and provide yourself with optimum nutrition.
The AdvoCare approach to nutrition, lifestyle and wellness, creates a unique formula for providing families with solutions. By scientifically tapping into the profound knowledge of internationally recognized experts on the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board, we have created products that:
  • Are produced to the highest quality standards in the industry
  • Use ingredients that are present in effective amounts and work synergistically for superior results
  • Reflect the latest scientific knowledge
Nutritional supplementation is an effective approach to restoring balance in our bodies whether through the supply of vitamins and minerals, micronutrients and proteins, or by taking advantage of the health-promoting effects of natural products.
The 24 Day Challenge is a revolutionary program to help individuals lean out and tone up. If your goal is to preserve lean muscle and burn body fat, this simple program is for you.
AdvoCare features:
1. Industry leading science in every formulation
2. A Sports Advisory Council
World class athletic endorsements (unpaid)
4. Amazing testimonies from around the country
5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Drew Brees as our National Spokesperson
The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge in not just a diet plan or only a supplement regimen or a new exercise program. It is a tried and tested combination of healthy diet changes, scientifically engineered supplements to assist in weight loss and muscle building, along with sensible and moderate activity. Great results are achievable by anyone of any age or fitness level that is willing to follow the simple daily instructions and make the commitment to change. Weight loss results will vary of course by individual but all those who take the challenge, and follow the simple program, will see tangible, positive results. The AdvoCare program is more than weight loss, it is a healthy lifestyle change aimed at decreasing your body fat, increasing your energy & improving your health.
The 24 Day Challenge is broken into 2 phases...
Days 1-10: Cleanse Phase
The first ten days are about cleansing your body of toxins, decreasing inflammation and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption.
1. Herbal Cleanse: helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.
2. OmegaPlex: essential fatty acids for increased overall wellness.
3. AdvoCare Spark: nutritionally-advanced energy.
Days 11-24: Max Phase
Give your body the best tools you need to achieve your next weight management goal during days 11-24.
1. Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS): everything your body needs for weight management, appetite control and overall wellness.
2. Meal Replacement Shake: complete nutrition in a great-tasting shake (both dairy & non-dairy versions).
3. AdvoCare Spark: nutritionally advanced energy.
The key to the success of AdvoCare is realizing this is not a "start & finish" program. You start all right but great nutrition never just stops. You're training your body to perform better, look better and you'll feel better. You'll also be able to indulge occasionally so don't worry - everything in moderation.

Plain & Simple - Want results that will change your life? Start the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge now! We'll coach you EVERY step of the way!

For more information contact John at
Ingallina@gmail.com or Mary Ellen at meingallina@gmail.com.

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