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Lose weight, gain tone, and get in better shape while having fun, making friends and getting challenged every step of the way. Results, Friendship, Intensity. These are the things that separate our program from everyone else.
Our inspiring instructors set us apart. They all have fitness expertise as well as martial arts training – improving your form and technique. They will help you achieve your goals and build real world self-defense skills – something you can’t do on a treadmill.

Your core will strengthen, your arms will tone, and the inches will melt away.

What other workout can you do with your friends and burn hundreds of calories per hour?

Your core is slim. Your legs are shapely. You’ve lost 15 lbs. this month alone.

If this sounds incredible, then you’ve already got the spirit of a champion. Wait until you get to class and feel your body come alive. You’ll find out that the fitness classes at the United Martial Arts Center are as vigorous as they are rewarding. You’ll have fun, boost your confidence, and emerge with the rippled, beautiful body of an athlete. You have a new body, and it’s ready for anything.

Call (585) 924-7450 to schedule your first class for FREE or just come on in. Get ready to be in the best condition of your life!